She turned the knob of the door and took a deep breath. She walked into the dark room and kneeled in front of the dresser. Picking up the framed picture, she wiped it down with her sleeve and stroked it. A tear rolled down her cheek, as she held the photo close to her chest. Rafa was dead. […]

I don’t think graffiti is bad as it is a way of expressing your feelings. It can show how you feel about art. Although it may be illegal people can get permits and permission for it.

Debate title: This house believes that the gap between that the rich the poor provides an incentive for success Task One I disagree with this as I don’t think there can be a drive towards success as there are people who can’t afford the luxurys that these rich people have. If anything, this could bring […]

In this scene, Macbeth says why to try to fight and die. Macduff then tells Macbeth to face him. He calls him a hellhound. They then start to fight and Macbeth starts talking, say he is wasting his time. He thinks he cannot be killed by Macduff as no man of woman born can harm […]

In this scene, young Siward asks Macbeth what his name was, but Macbeth did not say as he would be afraid of it. He then says his name and siward says he hate that name. ‘The devil himself could not pronounce a title More hateful to mine ear.’ They fight and young Siward is killed. Macbeth […]

In this scene, a very short one, Malcolm’s soldiers put down their wood, and draw their swords, Battle then commences.

In this scene, Macbeth finds out that lady Macbeth has died and recites a soliloquy, which was studied in class. This soliloquy talks about how Macbeth would have wanted her to live for a little longer. A messenger then enters and tell Macbeth that he saw the forest moves, as the troops put tree trunks […]

In this scene, Malcolm talks to siward about Macbeth plans, to protect the Dunsinane Castle. Thier plan is to get a large piece of a tree branch, to hide them and their numbers.

In this scene, Macbeth talks to a doctor, saying that he does not want to hear anything about the war, that he wants ‘no reports’. He also has no fear for Malcolm, as he was a woman born, and no one of woman born can harm him. He also gets news that 10 thousand troops are […]

In this scene, Menteith, Angus and Lennox are talking about their plan to fend against Malcolm’s Scottish army, Near Birnam Wood. Macbeth has also locked down Dunsinane castle to make his own plans.